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Complete water supply chain management software. Handles filled and empty bottle inventory, accounts.

Aqua is a very powerful, centralised, webbased water supply chain managment system. It has scpecial capabilies to track empty and filled bottle inventory. Aqua is a full inventory, accounts management software. This software possesses the power of web based applications and simplicity of a desktop application. 

Simple billing, inventory and accounting.


Bottle Loading. Bottle delivery. Empty bottle return. Support Quotation, Purchase order, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Receipt Note, Sales, Purchase, Sales return, Purchase return, Production, Stock Transfer, Consumption, Physical Stock Correction vouchers. Product serial number tracking.


Supports Payment, Receipt, Expense Income, Contra, Debit note, Credit note, Journal, Support cost centre. Bank reconciliation, Ledgers, Trail balance, Trading account, Profit and loss accounts, Balance sheet.


HSN based GST E-filing reports, GST summary reports.